September 1, 2020 (4 years ago)

Batch Text Replacer Script for Adobe Photoshop

Text Layer Replace is an Adobe Photoshop extension script plug-in for Mac and Windows that will automate the replacement of text layers one by one on an open document and save each to a folder as JPG, PNG, TIFF or PSD files. When used together with Smart Layer Replace and Job Queue add-on, multiple text layers and smart layer image replacements can be set to run in a single process, saving many hours of manual labor off a project.

Please view a demonstration video below.

The script can be accessed in the File > Export menu of Adobe Photoshop. One or more text layers must be selected in the Layers panel first before the script can be used. It has been tested to work in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 up to 2024 for both Windows and Mac.


Import Text from CSV Files or from Image Filenames

Selectively import a CSV column edited and exported from Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Database exports can be accepted, too. Image files that are set to replace a smart layer in the same document can have their corresponding filenames used also as text replacements.

Multiple Image Output Formats

Export to JPG, transparent PNG, TIFF or PSD.

Multiple Text Layer Support

With the Job Queue add-on installed, the script can also be applied to more than one text layer. Each text layer content will have its own corresponding set of replacement texts.

Multiple Layer Comps Support

With the Job Queue add-on installed, the script can save separate exports of other layer comps that are present in the PSD. Appended to the filenames are the layer comp names. You can select which layer comps to export in the Layer Comps tab add-on.

Smart Layer Replace Compatible

Replace text layers along with smart objects by using Smart Layer Replace extension and the Job Queue add-on.

Multiple Target PSD’s Support

With the Job Queue and Job Targets add-ons installed, the script can do the same set of text layer replacements on other PSD target files. You can either set it to replace only those text layers with matching names as the main PSD the script is running on, or replace both matching text layer names and whatever available non-matching text layer contents are remaining.

Custom Filename Format

With the Job Queue and File Options add-ons installed, you can set your own custom filename segments based on the input text, target document filename, or custom text.

How to Buy the Script

By Sending Money with Paypal

To purchase this script with Paypal, send 9USD to and mention Text Layer Replace as the script name, including any add-on and the Gmail address where you want the script to be sent to in the message. Your payment is processed manually and may take up to 12 hours before the script is received in your email inbox.


Batch Text Layer Replace

$9 (Paypal) USD*
Buy this one only if you need to replace just one text layer.

CAUTION: The following add-ons are the same add-ons for Smart Layer Replace script. There is no need to buy these separately for Text Layer Replace if you already have these installed. If the one you already have does not work with Text Layer Replace, please ask for the updated version from Pixelsplasher.

Job Queue Add-on

$7 USD*
You will need this add-on to replace multiple text layers.

Job Targets Add-on

$5 USD*
The Job Queue add-on is required to use this add-on.

Layer Comps Add-on

$5 USD*
The Job Queue add-on is required to use this add-on. Job Queue already has an option to export all layer comps. You only need this if you wish to particularly select which of the layer comps are to be exported. You can also use this to randomly export a limited number of layer comps per round of replacements made.

File Options Add-on

$5 USD*
The Job Queue add-on is required to use this add-on.

*Send payment of $1 less per item by buying more than one item.