Website Construction Principles

The web site construction principles that we follow to ensure smooth progress.

Content Before Graphics

Content precedes make up and aesthetics. We always start with a plain text website. Once a clear website structure with substantial content has been put online, we proceed to designing the visual aspect of the webpages. This will be the page layout, typography and graphics. We use cascading style sheets (CSS) to design our web pages.

Static Before Dynamic Web Pages

No matter how large the complete website that the client has in mind, part of our strategy in making sure that the website is worth visiting even at its early stages of creation is to limit the project to creating the static base content of the website. Examples of static base content is a welcome message, services or product information and categories, company profile, contact information. This will be the first phase of the project. Additional dynamic and interactive features such as forums, registration forms, product catalogue, inquiry form, shopping cart, are added later as second, third or fourth project phases.

Keep Search Engine Optimization in Mind

One of a client's primary concern has always been the visibility of his/her website to major search engines. As we code the web pages and input content, search engine optimization (SEO) is a priority that is kept in mind.

Search engine-friendliness is sometimes limited by usability enhancement technologies such as Flash, javascript and AJAX. We make sure to use these technologies where appropriate.

Flash Animations Last

Our rule has always been to put animation enhancements last of all. In fact, it is best to put off animation until the website is basically complete with content and a good level of graphic design consistency has been achieved. This means that some static graphics such as logos and headers may be considered temporary designs and are animated later with Flash.