October 30, 2018 (12 months ago)

Batch Replace Smart Layer Content Script for Adobe Photoshop

Smart Layer Replace is a Photoshop script for Mac and Windows that will automate the placement of several images one by one on an open document and save each to a folder as JPG, PNG, TIFF or PSD files. Technically, the content of a smart layer is replaced and transformed to fit the original dimension of the smart object. This is a useful tool for placing several or hundreds of product images on a background template.

Please view a demonstration video below.

The script can be accessed in the File > Export menu of Adobe Photoshop. A smart layer must be selected in the Layers panel first before the script can be used. It has been tested to work in Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 up to 2019 for both Windows and Mac.


Auto Scale of Replacement Content

If the source image dimension is too tall or too wide to fit in the original smart layer, the smart layer is automatically transformed to proportionally fit within the original boundaries of the smart layer.

To prevent cropping if the new image is proportionally taller than the original smart layer dimension, the smart layer is transformed to maximum height. The same will be true for proportionally wider new images.

Replace or Edit Smart Content Methods

The content can either be replaced immediately or edited so that the replacement happens inside the smart content document. The smart content is temporarily saved as a linked file and deleted after the replacement export job is completed. If the export output is PSD, the linked file is not deleted.

Multiple Image Output Formats

Export to JPG, transparent PNG, TIFF or PSD.

When saving to PSD with the Edit Contents… option enabled, the replacement content is saved to a linked PSD file. The linked PSD file is normally deleted when saving to other image formats.

Multiple Smart Layer Instance Support

If the Edit Contents… option is disabled, any other layers using the same smart layer content as the selected smart layer will still auto scale proportionally.

Multiple Smart Layer Content Support

With the Job Queue add-on installed, the script can also be applied to more than one smart layer. Each smart layer content will have its own corresponding set of replacement images.

Multiple Layer Comps Support

With the Job Queue add-on installed, the script can save separate exports of other layer comps that are present in the PSD. Appended to the filenames are the layer comp names.

Multiple Target PSD’s Support

Below is a demonstration of multiple Photoshop files as smart layer replacement targets:

With the Job Queue and Job Targets add-ons installed, the script can do the same set of smart layer replacements on other PSD target files. You can either set it to replace only those smart layers with matching content names as the main PSD the script is running on, or replace both matching smart layer contents and whatever available non-matching smart layer contents are remaining.

Warp and Perspective Transform Support

Below is a demonstration of warped content being replaced:

Enabling Edit Contents… is strongly recommended for preserving warp transforms correctly. If Edit Contents… is off, replacement content with a different aspect ratio may not properly fill the warped content area. However, this can be compensated with the offset input value.

How to Buy the Script

By Credit Card at Adobe Exchange

To buy instantly using a credit card or Paypal, purchase the script at Adobe Exchange. You can instantly download the script after payment is completed.

By Sending Money with Paypal

To purchase this script with Paypal, send 9USD to https://paypal.me/pixelsplasher and mention Smart Layer Replace as the script name, including any add-on and the email address where you want the script to be sent to in the message. Your payment is processed manually and may take up to 12 hours before the script is received in your email inbox.


The script costs a little bit more at Adobe Exchange to cover for Adobe sale and payment services. However, you can download the extension instantly after payment. If you need to use the script as soon as possible, please buy it at Adobe Exchange.

The two add-ons will be posted at Adobe Exchange soon. You will need to buy them by sending money directly to https://paypal.me/pixelsplasher. Please mention the add-on names in your message.

The Job Queue add-on demoed in the features section is sold separately for $9/$7 USD.

The Job Targets add-on demoed in the features section is sold separately for $7/$5 USD. The Job Queue add-on is required to use this add-on. You can buy both add-ons for $14/$10 USD. You will save $2 USD.

You can buy both the Smart Layer Replace and Job Queue add on in one bundle for $18/$14 USD. You will save $3/$2 USD respectively.

You can buy the complete set (Smart Layer Replace, Job Queue and Job Targets add-ons) for $24/$18 USD. You will save $4/$3 USD respectively.