53rd Charter Day & General Assembly of USP

This newspaper ad has a relatively very simple color design. Even if it was to be published in color, it does not even need to be in color at all. It’s designed to be nostalgic in its theme. The 53rd Charter Day of the University of Southern Philippines celebrated the day that it became a university.

That dates back fifty-three years ago. We picked a very old photograph of young USP students that may have been taken around the 60’s. It’s a memorable black and white photo of them hanging out by the stage staircase with the university logo at the backdrop. Back then, life for a student was simpler without the cellphones and computers, free from bombardment of massive information that we take in today. Much of the input came from gossips and the real chats that they enjoy during class breaks.

To give the photo a more antique look, film grains effects were added and blurred to a dreamy state.

This advertisement appeared on Sun-Star Daily (July 8, 2002).