November 20, 2009 (15 years ago)

Sony Vegas Export Regions as SRT Subtitles for YouTube closed caption script

updated 11.20.2009

This is a mod of the existing Export Regions As Subtitles.cs script file that comes with Sony Vegas Pro 8. Support for the popular standard SubRip subtitle format was added for users who wish to upload subtitles for their YouTube videos. The generated subtitle file is also compatible with video player software that display SubRip subtitle files such as VLC media player, Winamp and KMPlayer.

Download Export Regions as SRT Subtitles 1.4 for Sony Vegas

You can run the script from the Tools > Scripting menu. This script may work with previous versions of Sony Vegas 8.

How To Install

  1. Extract to Script Menu folder in your Sony Vegas installation directory. You may wish to delete the existing Export Regions As Subtitles.cs script file that came with Sony Vegas 8.
  2. If Sony Vegas is already running, click Tools > Scripting > Rescan Script Menu Folder in the menu above to load the new script.

Convert to ANSI text

Currently, the output subtitle file is in Unicode text format. If you wish to edit the srt file in SubRip program, you have to convert it first to the ANSI text format. Otherwise SubRip will return an "Unrecognized file format" error. Other software such as media players may require this conversion to load the subtitle file. YouTube sometimes fails to load captions uploaded in the Unicode text format.

  1. Open the file in Notepad.
  2. Click File > Save As... Select ANSI in Encoding: selection and click Save. You may overwrite the original file.

With the file converted from Unicode to ANSI text format, you will notice a smaller file size.

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11.20.2009. Updated script to version 1.4.

What's new:

  • Subtitle count now starts at 1, not 0.
  • Properly revised code to make millisecond numbers in the SRT export function accurate to the 3rd digit. The 3rd digit will always be zero if "Quantize to Frames" is enabled in Options menu > Quantize to Frames.
  • Code has been properly simplified to fix a bug in the SRT export function where subtitle line nos. 100-109 appears as 10-19. Other numbers above 100 with the same last two digits are likewise affected.

Thanks to Nick Hope for reporting the issues addressed in this update.

4.20.2009. Updated script to version 1.1. What's new: removed "-Regions" from the default filename for save to match the subtitle file's filename with the rendered output's default filename. Video players automatically load subtitles with filenames similar to the opened video's filename.