Bid Ocean Symbiosis

banner logo of Bid Ocean Symbiosis

Symbiosis is defined in the Bid Ocean Symbiosis page as the interaction between companies to the mutual benefit of each other. This is portrayed in the logo as three rings interlinked with each other. Each ring loops around the other two rings. Such is the mutuality of companies that work together for the benefit of each other.

The design was first 3d-modeled in the open-source software Blender. It was later decided to be traced to have flat colors instead of light-and-shadow shades in Adobe Illustrator. The result was a cleaner and clearer design.

Ayurveda colors were used for the logo design: baby blue for balance, yellow green for day, and clay red for fire. Ayurveda is a healing practice which has a predefined set of colors used in environments for promotion of healing.