September 7, 2007 (17 years ago)

How To Link TP-Link TL-R402M Cable/DSL Router with ProLink H9200 ADSL Modem/Router via WAN Port

Configure the cable/dsl/router to allow internet access from the modem/router through its WAN interface.

So far, the easiest way to setup the TP-Link TL-R402M router with the ProLink H9200 ADSL modem is to plug-in the modem's LAN cable to one of the router's 4 LAN ports. This works fine, however, but aside from reducing the available LAN ports, we've reduced the router's function to a mere switch. To avail of the router's security features and routing efficiency, we must pass all internet traffic through its WAN port.

LAN Setup

Before connecting the modem's LAN cable to the router's WAN port, your PC must be connected to one of the router's 4 LAN ports. With the modem still disconnected, we can access the configuration page of the router which is in the same default IP address as the modem's configuration page.

  1. Using your internet browser, go to the router's configuration page at The default username/password is admin/admin.
  2. In the menu at the left column, click on Network to expand it. Click on LAN. Enter the following:
  3. IP Address: (Since the modem is within IP range - we assign a new IP address from another range set to separate the router to another subnet. Here we assigned 10 as the subnet address but you can also choose any other number except 1.)
  4. Click Save button. The router will reboot and redirect you to the new IP address and displays the Router Status page . Check the details under LAN to see the changes.

You can now connect the modem's LAN cable to the router's WAN port. We can now access both the modem's configuration page at and the router's page at

WAN Setup

Let's setup the WAN interface.

  1. In the menu at the left column, click on Quick Setup. Click Next.
  2. Select Dynamic IP as our WAN Connection Type. So whatever IP address the modem's DHCP server assigns to this connection, we get it. Click Next. You will be taken to a congratulations page regardless of whether you have successfully connected to the internet or not.
  3. Click Finish button. This will take you to the Router Status page. Check the details under WAN to see the changes.

Primary DNS Server Connection Lost During Startup

To restore internet connection after a router power shutdown, you have to go through the WAN Setup again. To avoid this, let's make permanent what Quick Setup (Dynamic IP) fails to connect to during IP detection or renew: the DNS server entry.

  1. In the Router Status page, under the WAN section, highlight the IP address value displayed for DNS Server: and r-click » Copy it.
  2. In the menu at the left column, click on Network to expand it. Click on WAN.
  3. Check on Use These DNS Servers
  4. In the Primary DNS: field, r-click » Paste the IP address that we have copied from the Router Status page.
  5. Make sure Secondary DNS: field is blank.
  6. Click Save button.

Your internet connection should now be automatically restored when the router is turned back on.